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About CloudPiper

Registered in the US and China, CloudPiper is a technology provider to small businesses, web design professionals and members of the general public.

Our services

We offer a wide range of cloud-based solutions and offer all our valued clients personalised customer care that is second to none. CloudPiper provides website development, web hosting and a range of security tools all designed to help our customers build and protect their online presence.

CloudPiper offers a multitude of applications aimed at enabling companies to achieve better connection with their clients, to grow and manage their businesses and to be found with ease on the World Wide Web. Our products include domain hosting, business applications and strategies to increase your company’s web presence.

Our mission

Since securing a sound investment through CloudPiper, we have been able to build a dedicated team who are passionate about their work. As SME outsourcing continues to grow at a rapid rate, we have found a gap in the market and are here to offer a bespoke solution to suit your business in cloud hosting, secure data storage and application hosting.

Our mission is: to expand our web hosting, cloud service provisions to all industry sectors. Not only in the UK and US, but to offer our services globally, specifically in the Far East and Dubai.

Our clients

Our portfolio of clients features a mixture of companies and stand-alone professionals who are looking for online hosting, data storage and management solutions. Ranging from independent start-up companies with no more than 10 staff members to large franchises with an employee base of 1000 plus, WHS Ltd caters for all organisations, whatever their size.

We are proud to provide cloud email hosting to the NHS, as well as for private organisations such as solicitors and estate agents, all of whom are looking for reliable web services online.

cloud hosting

How WHS Ltd can help your business

If you are looking to outsource your internal servers to the cloud, we can help you do just that. At WHS Ltd we aim to streamline all of your services to save you time and give you the freedom to focus on the things that you are good at.

If you are not sure how cloud hosting works and how it can benefit your business, browse the rest of our website or contact us for a quick chat. A typical business dedicated server can cost as little as £95.00 a month so it is well worth looking into.

  1. Affordable – The price of our services start from as little as £10 a month
  2. Reliable – Daily offsite backups 7 days a week to guarantee no data is ever lost
  3. Bespoke plans – Services tailored to suit your business and help it grow
  4. 24/7 Support – Talk to real experts and receive a response in less than 10 minutes

Our Future
As part of our long term expansion, our plan for 2016 and beyond is to grow our business by taking on software, Saas, Cloud and web hosting company acquisitions who either need a share investment stake or are looking to move on from the current business ownership for a complete handover. In addition, if you are looking for financial backing, we are open to ideas and are happy to discuss things further.

Company Board of Directors and Contacts

Zhi De Liao CEO — China & US

James Holland CTO — UK & United Emirates

Business Enterprise: Lu Mekong

Support Leader Europe: Jurgen Mehja

Office secretary: Lisa Leonard

Public Legal Attorney: Booth Udall Fuller, US

Cloud Data Centres: UK, Luxemburg, US, China, Dubai Cloud Centre

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