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Your website is the central location of your business, whether you are providing a product, service or launching an e-commerce store, your website should be a reflection of your brand. With this in mind, a website is a main component to building up your brand’s reputation and forming a solid platform to help your business grow. With Basekit you can create your own website in seconds so you can start marketing your company and generating sales in no time.

If you are a small and upcoming business, Basekit is the perfect website builder to help get you started. Even if you are a beginner, in a couple of easy steps you can create a sleek website to represent your brand and show off what you have to offer. Customise your website with an e-commerce shop, blog or restaurant menu in just a few clicks using the online web development tool, Basekit.

Web Presence Builder

Building a web presence and a website you are proud of is a must if you want to expand your business and reach people further afield than your local area. You don’t need a web design degree to create a professional website, with Web Presence Builder you can create your own website and have it ready to go live in a matter of minutes.

This product is designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses who want a quick and affordable way to launch a website to promote their online business. Featuring responsive design, activity monitoring and a simple drag-and-drop interface, Web Presence Builder can help you get your business to where you want it to be in a few easy steps.

Website Builder for Small Businesses

Whether you are providing a product, service or launching an e-commerce store, your website not only should reflect you and your brand, it also needs to be the central location for your business. All of your sales and marketing efforts lead back to your website. Which is why it’s of importance to set up your website correctly.

Creating a website seems like a overwhelming and tiresome task, so a little help can be of great value. BaseKit offers an easy-to-use online webdevelopment tool to create your own website in seconds. It has never been easier to set up you website and to add your own e-commerce shop, blog and/ or restaurant food menu in just a few clicks.

Key Features

Easy to create a beautiful, responsive website with our intuitive web builder.

You can set up an e-commerce shop and start taking payments instantly.

Choose from over 120 professional ready to use website designs.

Edit / Preview your website as it will appear on phones, and tablets in both horizontal and vertical layout.

Widgets can be dragged and dropped from the widgets panel to any place in the page body.

How many pages can my BaseKit website have?

There is no fixed limit and it’s possible to create BaseKit websites with hundreds of pages and thousands of blog posts.

Can I add a contact form to my BaseKit website?

Yes, contact forms are included in BaseKit and all you need to do is add an email address to receive the form data.

Can I preview my BaseKit website before I publish it?

Yes, you can see how your finished BaseKit website will look on a phone, tablet or PC by clicking the preview button and the appropriate icon.

Can I upload videos to my BaseKit website?

You can include videos from YouTube or any other popular video site on your BaseKit website.

Does BaseKit offer a blog feature?

Yes, BaseKit includes everything you need to write a blog.

Does BaseKit offer a function to sell products/services online?

Yes, you can sell products online using the e-commerce function with BaseKit, if it’s enabled for your BaseKit package.

How long does it take to get started with BaseKit website builder?

It all depends on the kind of BaseKit website you want to create. A simple 1 page website with your own pictures and content could be online in under approximately 30 minutes. A larger website with more pages and more content might take approximately a few hours.

Do I need any technical knowledge to work with BaseKit?

No, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use BaseKit. BaseKit offers an easy-to-use online web development tool to create your own website in seconds.

How many languages does BaseKit support?

The BaseKit editor is already localised in 20 different languages.

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