13 Apr

iPiper vs Dropbox: Choose the Best Cloud Storage Backup Solution for your Needs

Managing data is extremely important, as organizations are creating as well as saving data in huge quantities. The ever-growing data creates challenges for businesses, as it is tough to take care of the valuable asset. Data needs to be backed up, stored, secured and accessible to address regulatory compliance.

The other problem is that IT budgets are tight so expanding IT is tougher than ever, buying more storage devices will increase overheads and the threat of lost data will be more than ever. Hence for most mid-sized businesses, it is advisable to manage backup in the cloud. Thus, businesses can outsource data backup to a data backup leader who is managed serviced providers offering the best encryption standards and security, along with disaster recovery options and real-time data protection. Cloud backup with a versatile cloud provider can eliminate overheads and hassles in data backup.

Introduction to iPiper & Drop Box:

Sometimes the popular solution becomes a brand so strong that people automatically choose the service or product by default.  Not many would venture to find a better solution in the market as the brand promise brings a certain kind of inevitability with the deliverables.

The same happens with Dropbox and its competitors who have far better features than the long-standing solution itself. Dropbox has been secure file storage vendor for long, but in recent times there has been a host of competitors who has caught up with its attributes and even adding exclusive features themselves.

iPiper is one such online backup/storage and document sharing service that stands in good stead in comparison with Dropbox.  Not only is it more efficient than existing competitors but is even better than the veteran solution in many ways.


cloud pricing


Dropbox offers free storage for its users with modest requirements while iPiper offers a comprehensive two-week free trial.  But it is the pricing strategy that the real difference comes to light.

Dropbox prices vary highly between £7.99 per month till about a staggering £79 per year for about 1TB limited storage.

iPiper, on the other hand, provides unlimited storage for just about £4.99 per month! (Signup Now!)

In terms of pricing at least, iPiper leads over Dropbox clearly, also providing huge storage at a reasonable rate.

Automatic Backup

automatic cloud backup

But the difference does not end with the pricing strategy.

iPiper also comes up trumps compared to Dropbox in terms of its automatic backup capability that saves time and effort, and also acts a vital security measure when critical documents are lost.

Dropbox lacks a clear automatic backup option that makes iPiper a worthy backup solution for all sorts of businesses.

File Versioning

file versioning in cloud


In file versioning, a central file is updated with a new version of the same document up to nearly 30 updates.


Both iPiper and Dropbox offer file versioning, hence it is evenly poised in this regard. Both the backup solutions offer comprehensive file versioning features that aid users to save the same document with varied versions.

Accessing Files from Anywhere

access file anywhere in cloud


Accessibility is critical with regards to data storage. iPiper users can access their files on the move, and even on diverse mobile platforms. Accessing files from cloud is quite handy and enhances our efficiency.

Ease of Use

Both solutions are quite user-friendly with absolutely no tech knowledge needed for using the same.

The simple click and select options work for both cloud backup solutions for uploading files! Additionally, both solutions provide adequate support for the nature of files.


iPiper offers the latest cloud storage technology and is backed efficiently by customer service guys with 24/7 support!

The team behind iPiper is keen to solve problems of any sort in a trice. Dropbox has a seemingly satisfactory reliability index too, although it lacks features in the offering itself.


The data transfer speeds for both iPiper and Dropbox is outstanding, to say the least!

Features offered by iPiper and its strongest attributes

iPiper has a host of features that rival its counterparts. It can be accessed from anywhere, and everywhere, shared with a niche team or within an office too./

It includes comprehensive file versioning options, bulk compressed uploads and the incredible provision of creating unlimited folders.

iPiper can give you access to data through the desktop and even on mobile, and one would not have to worry about leaving data on desktops as files can be restored to any device, offsite in the cloud!


Data theft works around cloud storage issues especially if security protocols are not met. iPiper uses state-of-the-art military grade security with cross-platform encryption algorithms that work efficiently during data transfer and storage. There would be multiple copies of data stored in secure data centers, within tried and tested systems.


cloud costs modified

iPiper is way cheaper than most cloud storage options available and features no added costs. It is available on a pay as you go on a monthly basis with basically no contract tie-ins!

The Team behind iPiper

iPiper is headed by its CTO James Holland, who has more than 22 years of experience in the industry. The team features support engineers, and the initiative is funded by investors groups and partly by the parent company!

The winner?

In terms of value for money, and feature set, iPiper wins hands down compared to Dropbox, especially with its automatic and spontaneous file backup options.

Sign up for a free trial today, and get to know more about iPiper’s features first-hand.

On signing up, you will be provided with a personal support professional to guide you through the storage options and features. iPiper makes sure that all its customers are satisfied with services.

The new storage solution has recently been online and is being subscribed at a fast clip. Sign up and experience it yourself!